FLAT HEAD Angle Grinder


Weight: lbs

The solution for tight spaces

l A patented gear drive allows for a very low

profile head design that enables grinding in

acute angles as small as 43° and into narrow

spaces as low as 2-5/8” high

l Ergonomic design reduces fatigue, even when

working on weld joints in difficult positions

l Specifically designed abrasive accessories

allow the flat head grinder to work faster and



Model # WEF9-125 

Description 4 1/2”-5” Flat Head

Angle Grinder


Patented Flat Head

Gearbox Design

A 2-5/8” clearance fits acute angles

as small as 43°

Electronic Safety Clutch

Increases safety by shutting off the

tool if the wheel jams

Burst Proof Guard

7 locking positions


l Metal cutting and grinding

l Metal fabrication

l Steel erectors

l Pipefitters

l Ship building/maintenance

l General metal industry

l General contractors